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Web of deception.
by Barb Doyle, Sc.

Many people wonder why there are so many problems in the world. I feel that they stem from selfishness and greed with an obscessive need for power, control and money. Today there is a lack of seeing the value in each and every human being. The masterpeice that each and every one of us is. 

The media has played a big part in disseminating lies. Because so many people spend so much time in front of the television, and have for decades, people have been spoonfed information that they believe to be true. If you hear a lie enough times you begin to believe it as truth.

I have spent many years now delving into information and uncovering the truth. This led me to stop watching TV, especially the news. Much of what is called news today is actually public relations pieces put together by that industry and diseminated out to the news organizations. Most journalists don't really even investigate news items anymore. They simply use these public relations pieces from the companies. You don't find many people going into journalism today. They are going into public relations which is a lot more lucrative.

Here are some things that people seem to believe as true but actually makes no sense what so ever.
1. The Unites States Military having military bases in over 100 countries. 
This makes no sense. We are not the military of Japan, Germany, South Korea or any other country. All of our military should be in our country guarding our borders.

2. The Federal Reserve controlling our money and monetary policy.
This is not a federal department. This is a group of bankers who are getting very wealthy off of controlling our money. It is because of the federal reserve that we have had so many problems with our economy. They manipulate the money and anytime a President has tried to end the fraud of central banking they have been assasinated or an assasination attempt has been made on their life - Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy. No outside authority should be in charge of a countries money. Our US Treasury should be in charge of our money. One thing the federal reserve loves is war because then it makes so much more money.

3. War is necessary.
This is one of the big lies. After the Civil War countries have been manipulated into the need for war. The reasons given for going to war are not true. War is so certain companies and individuals can make lots of money. A lie was the reason for the US getting involved in World War 1. What was done to Germany after World War 1 was the reason for the rise of Hitler. The reason as to the Vietnam war was a lie. Saudis fly planes into the World Trade Centers so we have to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. Doesn't make much sense. It is all about money. Such a waste of human life and money and for what? And talk about pollution. The military is the biggest polluter. If governments are serious about the environment stop the wars. There is no country called Terrorism. There are bad people in every country. There are certain people who do not want there to ever be world peace.

4. In your typical grocery store you walk down aisles and aisles of food.
Most people would think this makes sense but if you read the labels on much of the food you see it is just a bunch of chemicals. It is make believe food. Even though obesity is becoming a much bigger problem most people are walking around very malnourished. They are filling themselves up with stuff that their body does not recognize and cannot use. The big food conglomerates are allowed to put so many things on the market that are never tested, especially in combination with so many other chemicals. Many of these chemicals affect the brain and make people want to eat more, never being really satisfied. The purpose of food is to nourish your trillions of cells and to give you energy. If you look at most of what is in grocery stores the make believe food will do neither of these for you.

5. There is a healthcare crisis.
The first error is in the name. Our medical system is all about sick care. Most medical schools don't even teach anything about health or nutrition. Insurance companies decide what you should or should not have based on their bottom line, not what is best for the patient. Many of the tests themselves cause physical harm such as the dye used in MRI's and a CAT scan which is equivalent to many hundreds of chest X-rays happening to a person all at once. Mammograms use radiation also. Radiation contributes to the mutation of cells which in turn can contribute to cancer. Many tests have false positive readings which means the results are given as positive when in fact they are not, so the person gets treatment that they don't need. Rather than dealing with a holistic approach the medical industry which is controlled by the drug companies uses drugs and vaccines, neither of which work. Both drugs and vaccines are toxic and are a main reason why we have so many sick people and especially the great increase in sick children. Most doctors won't vaccinate their own children and most oncologists won't use chemotherapy yet they have no problem doling these out to their patients in the name of money. With an industry that has less than 20% of what it does as proven effective is it any wonder why so many people are harmed and killed each year? The system doesn't work and trillions of dollars are being thrown away every year. The only areas where the system works is to set a broken bone, get a bullet removed, separate you if you are a siamese twin, those kind of things. For all others it is best to seek a holistic approach. The only crisis that we have is a responsibility crisis and a knowledge crisis.

6. Drug companies develop products of value that help people.
This is one of the biggest lies and it has been a huge experiment over the past 100 years with disastrous results. In fact the population at large are the test subjects since drugs and vaccines hardly have any testing at all before going to market. That is why you see so many drugs having to be pulled from the market. They are only pulled after they have done their damage. It is very sad that drug companies know how bad their products are yet are still allowed to rake in all of the billions of dollars year after year. Every day many thousands of people die from their toxic products yet nothing happens to the drug company executives. If any other person killed thousands of people a day most likely they would end up on death row but this never happens to the drug company executives. They just keep on getting their bonuses and producing more toxic products. Drugs and vaccines don't cure. They are synthetic toxic products that are all about money. The only thing that can cure is God and our body when we give it what it needs as God intended. The best defense against disease is a healthy and strong immune system. When you put toxic substances into the body it only makes the bodies job that much harder. If people really understood this truth they would never want to put a drug or vaccine into their body. The only industry that has been exempted from the damage of their products is the drug industry. The tax payer has to foot the bill on damages from vaccines which currently are close to TWO BILLION DOLLARS!

7. The ever expanding government that will take care of you.
Government needs to stick to the constitution. There are so many programs that the government has no business being involved in and that private business can do so much better. To show how smart the government is Amtrak constantly operates at a loss and 2010 is the first year that more money will flow out of social security than goes in. If you look over history most of the problems have been caused by governments. One thing that has never seemed right to me is how government is allowed to take a percentage of your income automatically and also money for entitlement programs. Just think if you were allowed to keep this money and be in control of it. One thing that would greatly help our economy is to pass the Fair Tax so that people could keep more of what they earn. If you are unfamiliar with this you can find out more at

8. Wall Street is a good place to invest your money.
Everyone should stay away from the stock market. So much money has been removed from so many peoples lives because they thought that this was where to invest their hard earned savings to get a decent return. There are so many people pulling the strings and controlling the removal of trillions of dollars over these past decades from the market into the hands of the wealthy. There is so much corruption when it comes to the stock market. Many of the publicly traded companies are corrupt and if you understood what they do there is no way you would want to be supporting them with your money. If a stockbroker is honest with you they will tell you that the investing in the stockmarket is no better than going to Las Vegas and gambling. For real freedom and security your best bet is to develop a residual income and the one I recommend is at:

Below are excerpts from a wonderful book "Vaccination Is Not Immunization" by Dr. Tim O'Shea
Comments in parentheses are mine.

Children are born with a developing immune system. It is not fully developed. The immune system develops within the first two years of life.

Vaccines are very big money for drug companies. More and more vaccines get added as we see our children's health deteriorate. Despite the highest intake of antibiotics and vaccines of any group of children in history, our kids are fatter, sicker, and dumber than ever before. (If you think about it vaccines don't even make sense. A large part of our immune system is in our intestinal tract for a reason. Bacteria and virus enter through our nose and mouth and are dealt with by our good bacteria in our gut as God intended. Vaccines suppress the immune system. Also vaccines are administered directly into the bloodstream. No bacteria or virus would ever naturally enter the body this way.)

Immunization means the body becomes immune to something, all by itself. That only happens after getting a disease, or being exposed to it. Vaccination, by contrast, just means to stick a needle into someone's arm and inject a man made substance. The man made substance is not what would be encountered in nature.

Here's a summary of money spent per child on vaccines:
1975 - $10
2001 - $385
2004 - $606
2009 - $1225

Bill Gates invested $10 billion in vaccines for one reason: return on investment. Coupled with his bizarre admission of February, 2010 that vaccines are one of the best ways to reduce world population.
(If you compare unvaccinated kids with vaccinated kids the unvaccinated are healthier. If you look at disease it is the kids who are vaccinated who come down with the diseases that they were vaccinated with because their immune systems were suppressed by the vaccines.)

(If you look at diseases they are mostly due to poor sanitation and bad living conditions as well as malnourished people. When you correct these situations you can eliminate most communicable disease.)

Jenner is considered the father of vaccines developing the smallpox vaccine however:
- there is an utter lack of science underlying Jenner's original claim of immunity from vaccines
- lack of science in producing smallpox vaccine
- number of deaths and disfiguring cases from his injections
- Jenner was no physician, he never completed any program of medical study
- Jenner bought his medical degree from a college he never attended
- Jenner tested his theory on one person and immediately claimed that he had immunized this patient for life against smallpox. No years of research and no clinical trials
- Jenner's own son died at the age of 21 being revaccinated over and over.
- With no proof Jenner tricked the entire medical profession
(This is what vaccination is based on.)

Prussia was the most vaccinated country in Europe in the 1800s. Almost 100% of Prussians got Jenner's smallpox vaccine. After 35 years of compulsory vaccination there was a smallpox epidemic of 1 million cases of which 124, 978 died!

In 1853 a compulsory vaccination program was set up in England using Jenner's methods. Before that time the highest number of deaths in a 2 year period in England for smallpox was 2000.

Results of immunization:
1857-59        14,244 deaths
1863-65        20,259 deaths

In response, in 1867 Parliament enacted a stricter vaccination law and 97% of the people were inoculated. The result:
1868             44,840 deaths

"the smallpox vaccine has actually increased susceptibility to the disease....vaccination is a gigantic has never saved a single has been the cause of so much disease, so many deaths, it will be classed by the coming generation among the greatest errors of an ignorant and prejudiced age."
Alfred R. Wallace

When the US mandated a smallpox vaccination program in the Philippines in 1917 some 25 million shots were given to those people. 163,000 Filipinos came down with the disease after the vaccination and 75,339 died from it. Just before the US began vaccinating for smallpox in 1902 England had stopped. Holland stopped in 1928 and Australia in 1925. How long did it take the US? We finally stopped in 1971, the last holdout in the world.

The smallpox vaccination lasted in the US 30 years after the disease was at an incidence of practically zero. The only source of death from smallpox in the US was from the vaccine itself.

The next big name in vaccines was Pasteur. He was the originator of the germ theory. But what is more important than the germ is the terrain. Deepak Chopra tells of a story where the influenza virus was isolated and implanted directly into the mucous membrane of a group of subjects with only 12% getting the flu.

Disease happens when systems of the body become so weak and nutrient-starved that they don't work any longer. The causes of this are filth, lifestyle, toxic diet and a weak immune system. Eventually Pasteur even agreed that bacteria and viruses don't cause disease, but are rather the scavengers of diseased tissue.

"Bacteria do not cause disease, and therefore serums and vaccines can neither prevent or cure disease."
Dr. Antoine Beauchamp

Dr. Alec Burton proved that tetanus bacillus is found on the skin and even in the mouths of ordinary healthy individuals without causing disease.

The first vaccines by Jenner and Pasteur, and also most modern ones, are experimental proteins from rotting, diseased samples of animal tissue (cows, birds, sheep, monkeys, guinea pigs, humans and horses) carrying some "weakened" infectious agent. All vaccines have components like formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury and ethylene glycol (antifreeze). 
(People really think that this is going to protect against disease?)

"natural immunity is a complex phenomenon involving many organs and systems; it cannot be fully replicated by the artificial stimulation of antibody production. (vaccines)
- Alan Phillips, Founding director of Citizens for Health Care and Freedom

In 1972, Dr. Gerald Edelman won a Nobel prize for his discovery that the immune system doesn't operate solely on the antigen-antibody model. (Which is the basis of vaccines.)

Natural immunity happens only after recovering from the disease or being exposed to it. Many studies have shown low antibody counts in vaccinated people.

No vaccine is tested to see if it can cause cancer. Tedd Koren points out the sharp increase in childhood cancers that appeared between 1960 and 1980, when the amount of US vaccines doubled.

Vaccination is based on two lies:
1. a certain germ causes a certain disease
2. we'll give you immunity to that disease by injecting a weak version of the germ that doesn't cause the disease, directly into your bloodstream

In the US, there are almost never any long-term studies before a vaccine gets approved for mass use. H1N1 vaccine was approved after 6 weeks. Measles vaccine was approved after studies that lasted only 28 days. Chickenpox vaccine was approved after trials which lasted only 42 days. Hepatitis B vaccine was approved after 5 days!

Natural immunity is the only true immunity and it is for life.

If vaccines really worked then why the need for booster shots? Manufacturers never make the claim of lasting immunity from vaccines.

Right now children have a schedule of 68 vaccines. American children are the most vaccinated group in the entire world. No other country on earth has such an aggressive program of vaccines. (The health of our children is paying the price.)

Number of mandated vaccines in recent years:
1980       20 vaccines
2003       40 vaccines
2004       53 vaccines
2005       58 vaccines
2006       63 vaccines
2010       68 vaccines

(With this huge increase in vaccines the drug companies are getting richer while the health of our children is being sacrificed.)

To line their pockets even more in 2008 an additional schedule of 73 vaccines was added for adults after the age of 18. No other country on earth has an adult schedule of vaccines.

"A single vaccine given to a 6 pound newborn is the same as giving a 180-lb adult 30 vaccines on the same day."
Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD

If vaccines really worked shouldn't America be closer to the top of the list of infant mortality, instead of #44? In 1997 we were #22. We're going in the wrong direction.

At least 10,000 American babies mysteriously die each year from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Before mass vaccinations the term didn't exist.

In July 2002 an amazing story appeared in the news that drew very little attention: it seems the National Institutes of Health had just put aside $2.5 million to create end of life care for infants. Our government has determined that so many infants are dying slow deaths from diseases. 53,000 infants per year dying of terminal diseases they acquired since birth. 

If you look at different diseases you see that they were on their way out long before vaccinations came into being - polio, diphtheria, pertussis, etc.- all on there way out naturally before vaccinations began. 

"the combined death rate of diphtheria, measles and whooping cough declined 95 percent among children from 1911 to 1945, before the mass immunization programs started in the United States."
Dublin L., Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Doctors over-reported polio before 1954 and under-reported it afterwards. They were motivated to show that the vaccine worked. The inventor of the vaccine, Jonas Salk himself testified in 1977 that the few cases of polio we see in the US are the result of using the polio vaccine rather than the disease itself. If the only cases of polio in the past 40 years are from the vaccine itself why are we still vaccinating? With 4 shots?

The original polio vaccine contained the SV-40 monkey virus. Later research linked cancer with SV-40. Jonas Salk's polio vaccine only lasted for 17 months because of all the deaths and paralysis it caused. It's replacement was the Sabin oral vaccine. Here's what Albert Sabin, MD, the inventor of that vaccine, had to say 30 years later: "Official data has shown that the large scale vaccinations undertaken in the US have failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases for which they were supposed to provide immunization. In essence it was and is a failure."

In 2001 there were only 2 cases of diphtheria in the entire US. In 1969 there was an "epidemic" in Chicago where there were 16 deaths from diphtheria, not really much of an epidemic, but 9 of these people were vaccinated!

Scottish researcher Dr. Gordon Stewart points out that pertussis was 80% resolved by the time any vaccines came on the scene. In America, it was closer to 95%. The only safety testing ever done on this vaccine was that the vaccine was injected into the stomachs of baby mice. If the mice continued to gain weight and did not die right away it was assumed that the vaccine was safe and effective for humans. That's it!

The DPT shot has three vaccines combined together and these three vaccines were never tested together before going to market!

No manufacturer has ever claimed curative power for any vaccine. That is why getting a tetanus shot after you have been punctured by an object makes no sense. Clostridium which is thought to cause tetanus is everywhere: in the mouth, GI tract and on the skin of healthy people yet tetanus is a rare disease. The bacilli were found in 20% of war wounds without any tetanus resulting. In 50% of actual tetanus cases no bacilli were found. There is no evidence that tetanus vaccine prevents tetanus. The vaccine has been shown to cause severe reactions, even death.

Reactions to DPT include: pain, fever, drowsiness, anorexia, death, permanent neurological damage, high-pitched screaming, brain fever, vomiting, convulsions, muscle spasms and anaphylactic shock.

The DPT shot was replaced with the DTaP shot which gives an infant 30x the EPA adult "safe dose" of mercury in one day!
(Any wonder why more and more kids are having neurological problems like autism?)

Australian researcher Viera Scheibner, PhD talks about how the Japanese between 1975 and 1985 delayed the DPT shot until the age of 2 and SIDS disappeared. For political reasons they started up again in 1985 giving the shot at 3 months and the result was that SIDS returned. So many problems are seen with the DPT shot that few countries still mandate it. Countries that stopped vaccinating for whooping cough saw the disease return but in milder form and babies were not dying. Not one country started the vaccine up again after discontinuing it. Reactions from the pertussis vaccine the P in DPT or DTaP are the same as acute mercury poisoning.

Even with an 85% DPT vaccination rate in the US there are still 5000-7000 cases of pertussis per year. And the number has been rising steadily since 1980.A 1994 article in the NEJM showed that 80% of children under 5 who got pertussis had been fully vaccinated. 

True immunity is for life after coming into contact with a disease. It is how our body was made to develop immunity. Immunity does not come in a syringe from a man made concoction.

Many vaccines are contaminated with stealth viruses. John Martin, MD a USC immunologist has shown how stealth viruses may cause autism, arthritis, encephalitis, seizures, lupus, MS and a whole slew of neurological diseases.

Most of those who grew up in the 1950s remember getting measles. Not a big deal. Plus they had lifetime immunity. The disease almost completely disappeared before mass vaccinations started. A whole host of side effects can result from the MMR vaccine: loss of muscle control, mental retardation, paralysis, meningitis, Reye's Syndrome, blood clotting, seizures, diabetes, MS and encephalitis. The vaccine contains a "slow virus" that can hide in tissues for years, and then manifest later in life. This is why so many doctors in Los Angeles refused to use the MMR vaccine on their own children.

A 1996 report stated that the measles vaccine "produces immune suppression which contributes to an increased susceptibility to other infections."
Clinical Immunology and Pathology, May 1996

The WHO has stated that those vaccinated have a 15 times greater chance of getting measles than those not vaccinated. The CDC reports measles outbreaks in populations with 100% vaccination rates!

Research done in England and Ireland has begun to show that the measles vaccine is one of the two most likely causes of autism.

A well-documented side effect of HiB vaccination is a marked increase in infant diabetes. We're talking about diabetes in children less than 4 years old. Before the 1960s, such a phenomenon was unknown.

Michael Decker, MD of the flu vaccine manufacturer Aventis has said that "By the time you know what's the right strain, you can't do anything about it."

Ever notice that people who get flu shots all the time keep getting the flu? Hugh Fudenburg, MD a leading immunogeneticist told us way back in 2000: "If an individual had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980, the chances of Alzheimer's Disease was 10 times greater than those shots."

(At any given time you can see that a new epidemic is manufactured to stir people up to get another useless vaccine all in the name of money. There have been five false epidemics just between 2002 and 2010 including SARS, the Avian Flu, anthrax and H1N1. As long as they can strike fear in the hearts of people the people will get that needle jab. It's like sheep being led to slaughter.)

The H1N1 threat of 2009 had vaccines that contained unlimited levels of mercury!

The Czech government caught a company, Baxter, selling unlicensed avian flu vaccine as swine flu vaccine in September, 2009. When the Czech government pre-tested the vaccine on ferrets before giving it to humans, all the ferrets died!

There is a contrived sequence in the threats and we need to learn the lesson so we won't be taken advantage of in the future:
- Claim a disease threat
- Instill worldwide panic with Armageddon scenarios
- Only hope of salvation: drugs and vaccines
- Governments spend the money increasing the wealth of the drug companies
- The threat disappears. The global threat is gone and it won't be back.

Hepatitis A is a mild, self-limiting disease, resolving on its own with no treatment in 4-8 weeks. Most of the cases are found in Third World countries so why is the US the only country in the world who recommends the vaccine on a mass scale, now forcing 4 doses on our children?

Hepatitis A vaccine is made from infected human connective tissue cells from 1000 donors. Aluminum, formaldehyde and ethylene glycol (antifreeze) are added. The disease is actually safer than the vaccine.

Hepatitis B is an inflammatory liver disease, found most often among drug addicts. Most victims recover on their own within a few months. In 1991, however, the Hepatitis B vaccine was included for all infants. This mercury-laden vaccine is given on the first day of life. The adverse reactions to the vaccine include: autoimmune reactions, enlarges spleen, jaundice and Arthritis. For most children the risk of a serious vaccine reaction may be 100 times greater than the risk of Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B vaccination was dropped from the mandatory school program in France in 1998 because 15,000 citizens filed a class action lawsuit against the government. The reason: hundreds of neurological and auto-immune disorders.

Rotavirus or colic usually passes in a short time without complication. With the vaccine there is a big risk of intussusception. This is a sometimes fatal disorder of an infants bowel.

In vaccines you have man made forms of viruses, not what the body would encounter in nature.

When you read the warning labels on thimerosal (mercury) which is in vaccines you can see that thimerosal clearly can cause autism. Both mercury poisoning and autism affect the same 6 systems: gut, brain, eyes, muscle control, immune system, and speech.

"You mean to tell me since 1929 we've been using thimerosal and the only test you know of is the one that was done in 1929, and every one of those people got meningitis and they all died?"
Congressman Dan Burton

In 1992 the FDA found it necessary to take thimerosal out of dog vaccines but leave it in children's.

Thimerosal is an inorganic form of mercury which is more bindable to human tissues, especially brain cells. Here are the levels an American child actually received into his bloodstream by 2005:
Day of birth - Hepatitis B                   30 times EPA safe level
At four months - DPT and HiB           60 times EPA safe level
At 6 months - Hep B and Polio          78 times EPA safe level

(And people have to wonder what the cause of Autism is?)

Thimerosal has never been banned.

One reason why vaccines are so harmful to infants is the neurotoxicity of the additives on formative brain tissue. Additives like aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, aspartame and monosodium glutamate. Babies are not born with a blood-brain barrier. Toxins are able to kill existing brain cells and prevent myelin and brain interconnections from forming. Thimerosal was banned 20 years ago in many countries like Russa, Denmark, Austria, Britain and Japan.

Dr. Boyd Haley, PhD has stated, "You couldn't even construct a study that shows that thimerosal is safe. If you inject thimerosal into an animal it's brain will sicken. If you apply it to living tissue, the cells die. If you put it in a Petri dish, the culture would be shocking if one could inject it into an infant without causing damage."

Stockpiles of old vaccines persist for decades. No stockpiled vaccines have ever been discarded. Any clinic may still administer as many mercury-laced vaccines as it wishes, to any infant. Which happens every day.

Otitis media is a simple earache. For this there is a vaccine by the name of Prevnar. The side effects for this vaccine include: fever, seizure, heart failure, rash, asthma, pneumonia, hives, gastroenteritis, thrush, choking and by the way otitis media! Among the original subjects given this vaccine there were 12 deaths. The original clinical trials on Prevnar resulted in only a 7% reduction in earaches from the vaccine.

If you read the fine print of the insert on most vaccines you will see that they have not been tested for causing cancer or the impairment of fertility. (What do we have a huge increase of over the past few decades? Cancer and infertility.)

HPV is present in at least half the normal population, almost never causing any disease or problems whatsoever. HPV has never been proven as a pathogen for any disease. Dr. Peter Duesberg, PhD has said, "no set of viral genes is consistently present or expressed in human cervical cancers. ....HPV does not replicate in the cancer cells."

The HPV vaccine is allowed to be given to girls as young as 9 years old. It can also be given to boys. (I don't think boys have a cervix do you?)

The average age for cervical cancer is 50 years and Merck the manufacturer of Gardisil for HPV says the efficacy of the vaccine is only 5 years. Side effects of the HPV vaccine include: fever, dizziness, upper respiratory infection, appendicitis, loss of conciousness, loss of vision, seizures and paralysis. The British media began to report other side effects of Gardasil like the 30 deaths, which American media never mention.

With a staff of 8000, the FDA exerts control over anything that is sold as a food or a drug in this country. This covers one out of every four dollars spent in the US. Lots of power.

In the words of ex-FDA commissioner Dr. Herbert Ley, "People think the FDA is protecting them. It isn't. What the FDA is doing and what the people think it's doing are as.....night and day."

The FDA tests no drugs and no vaccines. The FDA relies on the research data provided to it by the entities in line to make the most profit from the approval of the drug. The CDC is no more trustworthy. On December 21, 2009 Julie Geberding, former CDC Director was named president of Merck, one of the world's largest vaccine manufacturers. (In fact it's a revolving door - people who work for drug companies become employed by the FDA, CDC and WHO and then end up going back to the drug companies. Wouldn't you say that's a huge conflict of interest?)

Many MDs know all of this information and do not vaccinate their kids but cannot say anything in public without threatening their licenses.

The federal government pays the state a $100 bonus for every 'fully' vaccinated child.

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn states. "The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization. Much of what you have been led to believe about immunization simply isn't true. If I were to follow my deeper convictions, I would urge you to reject all inoculations for your child. There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease. If immunizations were responsible for the disappearance of these diseases in the US, one must ask why they disappeared simultaneously in Europe, where mass immunizations did not take place."

Dr. Viera Scheibner, PhD states, "Immunizations have caused more suffering and more deaths than has any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention. All vaccinations should cease forthwith and all victims of their side effects should be appropriately compensated. 

Federal grant programs from the NIH, the majority having a $100-$300 million price tag for "researching" a new vaccine and bringing it to market are siphoned from the public trough. The fed pays millions of dollars to develop endless new vaccines that will be tested on live American children.

Vaccines are dangerous because we don't know enough about the human immune system. Vaccine reactions are a prime suspect in the recent increases in: heart disease, arthritis, AIDS, cancer, thyroid disease, infertility, allergies, apnea, asthma, diabetes, chronic fatigue, autism, digestive disease, tuberculosis, autoimmune disease, nerve disorders, poor vision and learning disorders.

(All people are better off without drugs and vaccines. The body does not have a need for these toxic cocktails and does not know what to do with the toxic ingredients.)